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Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival review by Ed Malin
August 11, 2013

Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival

A scene from Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival

Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival is a spoof of music festivals, hair bands, arena rockers, and the like. There is something to enjoy here for those who want to laugh with (not at) the 80s, 90s, and today.  Adam Blotner and Jenny Pinzari Blotner (and an outstanding assortment of wigs) have developed this show with The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, and now bring it to FringeNYC. They are backed by the versatile band Positive Feedback: Matt Tobin on keyboard, Joe Hendrick on drums, Daniel Namm on electric guitar, and Danny Weller on bass.

The show starts with mock footage of the various types who line up to see the great Lollapacoacharoozastock music festival.  All the front men/women are played by Adam Blotner and Jenny Pinzari Blotner, by the way,  First are the latest silly teen idols Eli Porter and Destyn Reign.  She has some kind of Disney show Hannah Montana thing going on; during the day she is a normal teenager, and at night she's a 40 year-old tax accountant.  They sing about how they met and will be in love forever (until they go to college).

Next up is the tried-and true country act The Meadow Muffins.  They croon "Y'know I think about you ev'ry time I see a Motel Six."  Suddenly, mild-mannered keyboardist Matt Tobin is in front playing a hard country violin solo.  It worked quite well.

Back to the heady days of 1996, we are introduced to the political-in-their-dreams post-grunge band Simon Never Said.  In their interview, they reminisce about the cloning of the first sheep.  If only someone had cloned Mother Teresa, they ponder, couldn't she have fed the hungry and helped the blind to see at the same time?  This group, somewhere between Korn and The Barenaked Ladies, had Ms. Pinzari Blotner wearing a goatee stripe, a blond wig, and a ski hat.  The more seriously they take themselves, the funnier they are.

The grand finale comes from  "Plymyth Voyager", who are the band Journey but don't know it.  They have great crowd-pleasing ballads.  In the end, they play the chords for Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" but with different lyrics.  The chorus is "We're Living on Dreams".  The audience is invited to clap along and to visit the bar at the back of the space.  It is a really fun time.  Congratulations to director Phyliis Katz for keeping it fun and child-friendly as well as just plain amusing.