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My Three Moms review by Ed Malin
February 20, 2013

My Three Moms

Virginia Bryan in My Three Moms | Jim Moore

Not only does Virginia Bryan have three moms, she plays them, too.

It's an interesting idea which naturally requires some explanation, and in a mere sixty minutes (framed by a visit to her therapist) Virginia will flesh it out for you.

There is an air of love (and also its opposite) for the South in this tender tale. Our heroine has returned to Georgia for a funeral and a dose of family.  Her father left her birth mother and re-married with her aunt.  From there, her birth mother saddened and took to drinking.  The family's African-American maid really did the parenting, it should be noted.  Now, Virginia deals with losing all three of these special mothers.  The supporting cast of relatives fills in the canvas of the play--are those cousins or step-sisters?

It's an entertaining mixture of happy and sad, which probably could go on for much longer.

Virginia Bryan has previously taken this show to FringeNYC 2010 and other festivals, and it shows.  The characters' voices are well-developed, thanks also to talented director and improv coach Leslie Collins.

This show will get you to think about your family in ways you never have.