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The Gray List q&a preview by Thomas J Kane
March 15, 2013

What is your job on this show?

What is your show about?
This is a funny show with a serious point to make.

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
I most enjoy working in live theater. The reaction of the audience to what is happening on stage is a real thrill to me. You get to find out right away whether or not you are doing a good job of telling the story.

What are some of your previous theater credits? (Be specific! Name shows, etc.)
Some of my previous credits are:Juror#3 in "12 Angry Men",Robert in "Proof",Borachio&The Friar in "Much Ado About Nothing",Candy in "Of Mice And Men", Doc Gibbs & The Stage Manager in "Our Town", Senex in "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way...",Tiger Brown in "Threepenny Opera", Uncle Sid in "Ah Wilderness",Alan Dooley in "Dad",Duke of Suffolk & others in "Henry VIII", and of course John Brooks in " The Gray List".I met a

How did you meet your fellow artists/collaborators on this show?
I met all of the people working on this show at The American Theater Of Actors where I have been fortunate enough to work on several productions.

Which famous person would you most like to get a fan letter from: Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Spielberg, Philip Seymour Hoffman?
I think I would like to hear from Meryl Streep, I have the utmost admiriation for her work.(After she sees the show of course!)

Can theater bring about societal change? Why or why not?
I believe that theater can be an influence on how we live and see ourselves and in influencing how we treat each other.For example how many times has a person said "I've felt that way too",when watching a drama or comedy?