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Girl in Argentine Landscape q&a preview by Naomi Grossman
July 20, 2012

What is your job on this show?

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
Solo shows. I figure I'll never get a better role than one I might write myself in a solo show... That said, I just landed a great recurring role in "American Horror Story," and am frankly a little afraid! I haven't had to share with anyone (much less Jessica Lange, Adam Levine, Mark Consuelos, Joseph Fiennes, Zachary Quinto, James Cromwell, Chloe Sevigny, et al) in a while (or ever)!

Have you been part of FringeNYC in the past? If so, how did you particpate? (Be specific! Name shows, etc.)
Yes, I wrote, produced, and performed "Carnival Knowledge: Love, Lust, and Other Human Oddities," which was in the festival last year. Being involved with the fringe was such a great learning experience (particularly from a producer's standpoint), that I thought I might return and reprise "Girl" (Why not? It's still relevant!) and apply a little of what I learned. (Basically, "Girl" was my first solo endeavor, and yet it turned out to be so successful --LA Weekly Theatre Award nod, "Pick of the Week"-- that I stuck with the genre, and since wrote "Carnival Knowledge." I've already got my wheels in motion for a third... Hopefully we can make this a tradition!)

In your own words, what do you think this show is about? What will audiences take away with them after seeing it?
It's a sweet, relatable, coming-of-age tale about finding oneself far from home.

People who like which of the following recent Broadway shows would also probably like your show: THE BOOK OF MORMON, ONCE, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, CLYBOURNE PARK?

Why should people come to FringeNYC this summer, rather than the beach, mountains, or the latest movie blockbuster?
The beach will always be there! Those mountains aren't moving! Netflix that blockbuster! FringeNYC is a very special, 16-day, theatrical bacchanal, comprised of exciting, innovative theatre from all over the globe! And, you can see it for cheap! Be inspired! You'll hit the beach or head up the mountain all the better for it.