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The Year End/New Year Half Off Holiday Blowout Sale q&a preview by Jeff Love, Artistic Director of Point of You
January 18, 2013

What is your job on this show?
Writer, Director, Actor, Sound and Lighting Designer.

What is your show about?
Two children make up winter holiday stories AND get to watch them be acted out while waiting for their parents to return from an office holiday party.

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
Theater that can entertain but also make you re-examine your own perspective on events, people, or situations. I believe all art is not only capable of doing this, but really NEEDS to do this. Too much entertainment or too much high mindedness never really serves to make a person or society more intelligent about their fellow persons or societies.

Complete this sentence: My show is the only one opening in NYC this winter that...?
can make you look back at the hectic craziness that is the winter holidays and have you laughing from start to finish.

Do you think the audience will talk about your show for 5 minutes, an hour, or way into the wee hours of the night?
We always try to do material that will result in what Alfred Hitchcock called "ice box chatter". He wanted people to enjoy the material, talk about it right away as folks usually do, then, when they're home, getting a snack or beer from the fridge, a sudden thought about the piece hits them and they turn to their roommate or spouse and say, "Hey, do you remember what so and so said or did that time in the movie...what do you think that meant?" I'd like to think this show will have that same affect as people's brains continue to churn over something they thought initially was just a night of fun silly sketch comedy.

Which famous New Jerseyite would like your show the best: Snooki, Bruce Springsteen, Thomas Edison?
Thomas Edison because he saw needs in society and the tools he could use to fill those needs. The material Point of You does will not necessarily be as hard hitting in five years as it's specially geared to speak to the events happening here and now.

If you had ten million dollars that you had to spend on theatrical endeavors, how would you use the money?
We would use the money to open a space that would be very affordable to struggling theater companies looking to put on shows, but we would also be sure those companies were doing like minded, innovative theater. It seems the city has been losing spaces but gaining companies. This means spaces can simply increase their prices as demand dictates. Too often what then happens is a company spends all their money on one show and then can't afford to do another. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other companies willing to do the same thing. Having an affordable space that wasn't looking to just book anyone with the money would allow us to help further those companies with the artistic vision the city needs to generate great theater and not just make us a ton of cash.