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The Miracle Play q&a preview by Hannah Wolfe
August 25, 2013

What is your job on this show?
Play the characer Miss A.

What is your show about?
The Miracle Play follows a young woman in her fall from grace, her struggle with morbid celebrity and the catharsis she experiences.

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
I love ensemble-driven pieces that stretch the limits of creative conscience and that think outside the box. Multi-media pieces are also very interesting to me, because we are in such an information age. As attention spans shorten, I think the value of theatre is more important than ever. The Miracle Play has a series of stream of consciousness scenes that are very current and engaging and tell a story in an interesting way.

Who is more important in the theater: the actor, the playwright, or the director?
Each of these jobs is equally important. "The Miracle Play" is a great example of all these moving parts coming together to create something unique. The playwright, Ashley Jacobson, has been very responsive to feedback and revisions to the script in order to fully realize the world she's created. Likewise, the director, Clare Hanmoor, has fostered a very ensemble-driven environment where all ideas are welcome. I think the best new work is created when the playwright, the director and all the actors come into the rehearsal room with an open mind. After all, theatre is a living, breathing thing. It's exciting to watch it grow and change from the first read-through to the closing night.

Why did you want to write/direct/produce/act in/work on this show?
I first become familiar with The Dirty Blondes' work in 2009 when I was presenting a two-woman byopic about the confessional poet, Anne Sexton, called "HER KIND". Ashley Jacobson had a reading of a play in the same festival, "Hers", that featured poetry of another prominent confessional poet, Slyvia Plath. I think we bonded over that mutual interest and even though work and school have kept me away from NYC for the past few years, we stayed in touch. I'm so happy the timing worked out for us to work together in "The Miracle Play".

Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?
It's SEXY and SMART. (It's hard to pick just one!)

Why are theater festivals so very important?
Theatre festivals are very important. It created a platform, for example, to produce work that was important to me and meet like-minded creative groups, such as The Dirty Blondes. I wish that some of the larger festivals would take a step back on focus more on helping independent artists by taking smaller cuts of ticket prices and reducing registration fees. San Francisco Fringe Festival is an awesome model of a festival that doesn't take a cut of any participants' box office. They also let all participants see each others' shows for free. This really fosters a supportive environment; the kind in which students and mentor relationships are made between artists. I met so many incredible artists at the SF Fringe and highly recommend it. Planet Connections Festivity is a great one here in NYC, also.