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Bodega Bay q&a preview by Elisabeth Karlin
January 4, 2013

What is your job on this show?

What is your show about?
A shy and awkward woman who has never left home, sets out on a strange odyssey into a dangerous unknown, to find the mother who left her and her troubled brother years ago.

When did you know you wanted to work in the theater, and why?
I was five years old when I saw my first play and I was so overcome that I couldn't speak about it on the way home.I'm not sure what it was that I was responding to, perhaps it was all that sharing of emotion. And the excitement of it. From that moment on there was nothing else for me.

Why do you do theater (as opposed to film, or TV, or something not in the entertainment field)?
I love the life of it. From when I'm alone in my room, dreaming up a play, to bringing it to collaborators who will realize it, to taking it to a live audience who will react to it, the thrills never stop. I like making people laugh and cry (without hurting them.)

Why did you want to write/direct/produce/act in/work on this show?
It was the deeper themes of Alfred Hitchcock's work that inspired me to write the play. Themes like how the dead affect the living, how an outward journey can be a trip to self-knowledge, as we unearth disturbing discoveries that make us what we are. And I wanted this to unfold across a vast and slightly peculiar American landscape.

Which “S” word best describes your show: SMOOTH, SEXY, SMART, SURPRISING?
Surprising, I hope. As in Hitchcock's world, nothing is what it seems to be and anything can happen.

Who are your heroes?
In "Bodega Bay" the character of Juan Garza worships baseball great and humanitarian Roberto Clemente. "This man was a work of art," he says. "Clemente said that if you don't take the opportunity to help people...if you don't do that, then you're wasting your time on this earth." That's good enough for me.