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Ladies First q&a preview by DQT Double Bill
March 18, 2013

What is your job on this show?

What is your show about?
Two plays: Fountain of Youth, a one-woman comedy about eternal youth and Cowl Girl, a romantic comedy for geeks and cosplayers.

What type of theater do you like most to work on?
The DQT Ladies love comedy!

Who is more important in the theater: the actor, the playwright, or the director?
The one who gets the most laughs every night.

Do you think the audience will talk about your show for 5 minutes, an hour, or way into the wee hours of the night?
We hope our audience will wake up in a cold sweat in the wee hours screaming "DQT".

Which famous person would you most like to get a fan letter from: Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Spielberg, Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Lindsay Lohan

Who are your heroes?
Pee-wee Herman, Lily Tomlin, and Tina Fey.