nytheatre.com Banner Ad Program

This is an opportunity for your indie theater company to reach a targeted audience of potential theatergoers at a very reasonable cost. It's also a great way to show support for nytheatre.com and our parent company, the nonprofit New York Theatre Experience, Inc.

Our readers are the people you want to talk to: about two-thirds of them live in the New York City metro area, and more than three-quarters of them see at least one show a month (nearly half attend the theatre weekly).

All banner ads placed through this program are for a one-week duration and must be paid for in advance by check.


  • Banner ad (320 x 100 pixels) on nytheatre.com's home page for 1 week
  • Ad appears at top of right-hand sidebar
  • Two slots available each week
  • Ads may not include animation, flash movies, video, audio, etc.; they can only be flat graphics with no interactivity


  1. Send an email to request your advertising reservation. Include all of the following information in your emal request:
    • name of the show you're advertising
    • the dates you want the ad to run (e.g., Monday, June 4 - Sunday, June 10); this should be at least one week in the future
    • the banner graphic (artwork) you want to use for the ad
    • the web address where the banner will link (i.e., the page users will see when they click on the ad)
  2. You'll receive a response via email within 24 hours indicating whether the requested dates are available. You will be sent an invoice by email and payment should be mailed to: The New York Theatre Experience, Inc., P.O. Box 1606, New York, NY 10156.
  3. After the ad is paid for, a confirmation will be sent and the ad will be run as specified.

Need more info? Send an email to the Listings Editor with any questions. You will receive a prompt response.

This is the nytheatre.com archive.

This searchable archive contains more than 7,000 reviews of NYC productions, from 1996 through 2013. nytheatre.com was the primary program of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc. (NYTE), during that period.