The Spring Fling: The Morning After

F*It Club's third annual Spring Fling show brings together six short plays that successfully undermine romance.  The premonitory subtitle "The Morning After" didn't keep the house from being packed.

"Beyond The Sea" by Joe Tracz , directed by Portia Krieger, playfully takes up the story of the happy couple from "The Little Mermaid" and shows it may be quite hard for them to live together in his world,  if they even make it to the next morning.

"The Mud Hole" by Hilary Bettis, directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh asks what happens when Amish teenagers party and don't remember the night before.  Especially in this idyllic world, actions have consequences.  I was shocked when it was finally revealed who was the drunk driving child-killer.

"Hello Ms." by Heidi Schreck, directed by Stella Powell-Jones dramatizes the cooperation between the founders of the famous women's magazine and their vastly-exceeded expectations.  This was the one piece with a positive outcome.

"Coach Darling" by Krista Knight, composed by Barry Brinegar, directed by Matt Dickson, is a frightening look at an unsolved suburban mystery.

"Thanks For The Bowl With The Spoon In It, Helen!" by Nick Jones, directed by Oliver Butler, has a frustrated woman screaming at her roommate's door.  The sexual noises from the closed door are followed by more active ignoring of her words.

"Us; A MEMORY" by Janine Nabers, directed by Mike Donahue, contains the memory of a marriage that dissolved.  The marriage counselor helps by playing the roles of the people who are no longer there.

The effects of these plays linger long after the end of the show.  The diverse settings that inhabit D. Schuyler Burks's set (a bed is the common denominator) imply many universals.  From mermaid to Amish simplicity to 1970s feminist bellbottoms or contemporary jock dads, Stacey Berman's costumes do the most for evoking the different moods of the pieces.