Serving Bait to Rich People

Comedienne Alexa Fitzpatrick has spent some time working in a sushi bar in the ski town of Aspen, Colorado, and it was funny. It does appear that most of the patrons are out of their minds, or perhaps it is the equally valid point that the food, when it was alive, was semi-endangered.  Colorful language certainly helps people get along, and in this case it encourages rich vacationers to overpay for something that would normally be put on a hook to catch something more grill-worthy. 

If you have never worked in a chichi restaurant (lucky you) there is also plenty of humor about Colorado dating. I enjoyed the line "I'm in the middle of a break up, which is sad, but the couple was having trouble before I got involved."

Giving a friend a ride to the airport at the crack of dawn is at least as important as sex, and if the friend doesn't reciprocate then it's time to think the whole thing over.  Or, what kind of expectations can one have of high school reunions; if you couldn't get to know these people or get laid in four years, what chance do you have in four hours?

Alexa is talented and fearless under the various pressures alluded to above.  Now that she has moved to NYC, it sounds like soon enough she will have things to teach us about our peculiar environment.