The Further Adventures of the Accidental Pundette

Nancy Giles, actress and TV news personality, returns to Dixon Place for a funny talk show experience.  She takes questions from the audience and shares stories of what it's like to be a lovely African-American woman moving from L.A. to New York, getting involved in political satire and the difficulty of coexisting with the Tea Party.

In one humorous aside, Nancy asks if anyone in the audience got a phone call to discuss the transition from "colored" to "negro" or if the decision was out of their control; she suggests the more accurate term "Kidnapped-American".

Nancy's career brought her to TV coverage of Michael Jackson's funeral.  She takes out several of Michael's albums and tenderly points out how happy the guy looked before plastic surgery.

It is really a funny show, full of true, personal stories.  Like how, at 6'1" she had never worn high heels but tried them for broadcasting and was made fun of for looking like a drag queen.  Her response was that a drag queen would be the only person comfortable and happy in heels.

My other favorite part concerned an angry debate on the Larry King Show, the flurry of emails Nancy received afterwards, her effort to conscientiously answer all of them, and the surprise apology she got from someone who was really looking for connection.

Given that the audience contributes questions for the pundette, I'm sure this show is different every night.  Nancy is admirably cool under fire.  I think that it doesn't hurt to have as director for a show like this the versatile founder of Dixon Place, Ellie Covan.