My BoX

In her fascinating show My Box, Killy Dwyer is very exposed.  For starters, she's wearing only a hospital gown as she tells us she's been trapped inside of this show for a year and a half and no one believes her.  She humourously reveals her mental states through a clandestine recording of a therapy session.  She wonders if robots, devoid of emotion, are happy.

Then the music starts, or did when I saw the show; each show is going to be different.  Even the live projections by Chris Schober with animation by Preston Spurlock are improvised.

The title comes from Killy's electronic contraption which records her voice, guitar and other ambient noise and loops them into a personal song-universe.  The songs are beautifully charged, even as they mock plastic surgery addicts, for example.  On the bright side, there's a song about female orgasms, which succeeded despite a small problem with the equipment.  There is a pleasant sense that the audience is part of the performance.

I liked all the sides of Killy's character and recommend catching her here or at her monthly alternative variety show, called Alter Ego-Vaudeville Surreal